TrackMan has a long history of working with golf radar technology. The company was established in 2003 with the sole purpose of helping golf professionals understand more about this critical moment in time. The TrackMan golf radar not only helps map these key data parameters – ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle, etc. – it also captures the golf swing with a built-in HD video camera or with the use of external devices.


At the end of each Trackman session you will receive a screencast of your own personalised lesson which is uploaded to your own Locker on This is a great way of being able to rediscover the same feelings and swing thoughts you had in the actual lesson when you are out practicing on your own.

Using Radar technology (also called a portable golf launch monitor) is an important part of the golf tuition today. Whether it is used for golf swing lessons, analysis, or club fitting, the golf radar and software are suited to be used by professional trainers, coaches, and players including beginners. The software offers games and other practice applications through the laptop or mobile version that can put your game to the test.

With 90 out of the top 100 golfers in the world using Trackman within their practice and coaching sessions, it is vital to see your own stats and be able to understand what happens within your own golf swing.



Instant feedback of club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing.
The TrackMan 4 launch monitor measures and displays the full trajectory of any shot, from 6-foot (2 m) pitches to 400 yard (350 m) drives. It also maps the shot’s 3D trajectory in real time, together with all impact and launch information.

TrackMan Club Path








Club Path

TrackMan Face Angle








Face Angle

TrackMan Dynamic Loft
Dynamic Loft

TrackMan Attack Angle
Attack Angle

TrackMan Club Speed
Club Speed

TrackMan Ball Speed
Ball Speed

TrackMan Carry

TrackMan Launch Angle
Launch Angle

Smash Factor

TrackMan Spin Rate
Spin Rate


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