This service provides Elite golfers the opportunity to have their technique and equipment assessed in a full days programme.

You will be put through various short game assessments to test the dynamics needed to score under pressure.

An extended measurement will be taken on SAM Putt Lab to see if there are any flaws in your Putting stroke which could be highlighted in a competition.

The technicalities of your golf swing will be analysed with the help of Trackman. All data can be looked at to see if your equipment is performing to its highest standard and with the help of video analysis we can look at ways to maximise the potential of your golf swing. It is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses, especially under pressure so you can compare yourself against the worlds best and try the Trackman Combine Test to see how you perform. You will receive a personalised screencast of your Trackman session and full reports which will be uploaded to your own Locker on

A physical screening will be carried out with a Personal Trainer to see if there are any weaknesses within the body that could affect your technique. Recommendations and exercises will be put together for a routine to follow in the future.


Planning your schedule is very important, you will receive advice on the best events to play in, how often you play in competitions per month and how to prepare to your maximum potential for each event.

The day is finished off by playing 9 holes where the mental side of the game can be analysed. Pre and Post shot routines, body language and course management are all major factors which can be discussed whilst playing.

If you are seriously thinking of lowering your handicap, turning professional or trying to take the next step in your golfing career, this full day of productive feedback is just what you need.

The day starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm.

Price : £350

For further enquiries or bookings email: